Isolamento elettrico con pellicole polimeriche

Ensure dependable and safe electrical performance with Polymeric Electrical Insulators

Isolamento elettrico con pellicole polimeriche

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Electronic devices produce high levels of internal energy, which can potentially spark and harm users or damage sensitive and expensive components. Electrical insulation like Boyd's Polymeric Films act as a protective barrier, ensuring safe and dependable product performance.

Boyd's Polymeric Film Electrical Insulators possess excellent dielectric strength in harsh environments protecting against high electrical loads. With high electrical and breakdown resistance, electrical insulators help extend the lifetime of electrical equipment and reduce electrical failure. Polymeric films are ideal low profile and flexible solutions for lightweighting and reducing product size while still maintaining electrical isolation.

Boyd's Polymeric Films are available as polyimide, polyamide films, polyamide paper, and polyester films. (Our LectroShield line contains polypropylene and polycarbonate material options). Questi materiali presentano elevati livelli di integrità elettrica, chimica e meccanica, anche ad alte temperature. Our Polymeric Films are UL 94 rated and RoHS compliant.

  • Eccellente rigidità dielettrica
  • Reduces premature electrical failure
  • Contribuisce a prolungare la vita delle apparecchiature elettriche
  • Elevati livelli di integrità elettrica, chimica e meccanica
  • Durata e affidabilità in ambienti difficili
  • Resistenza alle alte temperature
  • Valutazione UL 94
  • Conformità RoHS