Esempio di applicazione (case study) sulla progettazione termica di un lettore multimediale


A consumer electronics company was developing a new Set Top Box(STB) HD DVR for a well known satellite television provider. The clientrequested the assistance of Aavid, Thermal division of BoydCorporation, in their overall thermal and mechanical design of thechassis. The objective was to develop a cost effective solutionconsidering ease of manufacturing in a high volume application.



La sfida

Aavid must provide a mechanical chassis design that meetsrequirement specified from STB service provider.

Select or design a natural convection heat sink(s) for the CPU andchipset and determine the optimum location for a cost effective,inexpensive, and easily manufactured solution.

Progettazione di un diffusore di calore adatto per hard disk (HDD)

La soluzione

L'analisi e la progettazione termica di Aavid includevano:

-Ottimizzazione della ventilazione in termini di percentuale di apertura e posizione.

-Use part of chassis for heat sinking while monitoring its touchtemperature.

-Optimizing internal and external thermal radiation and internalconduction. Maximize cooling performance for natural convection andselect a low speed fan/blower if additional cooling is necessary.

Esito finale


-Ventilazione ottimizzata in termini di percentuale di apertura e posizione.

-Progettazione di un dissipatore termico adatto per HDD

-Designed natural convection heat sinks for CPU and chipset anddetermined optimum location.

-Allowed the client to have a reliable thermal solution for its endcustomer.

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