Sistemi adesivi e di incollaggio

Materiali critici e dalle prestazioni elevate che, in modo veloce e affidabile, consentono di fissare i componenti, per sostenere o sostituire i fissaggi meccanici.

Sistemi adesivi e di incollaggio

Medical Grade Adhesives    Display & Optically Clear Adhesives    Mechanical Attachment Systems     Tapes

Bonding and Adhesive Systems are highly engineered materials that include a broad range of adhesive tapes, optically clear adhesives, epoxies, or rubbers (OCA/OCR) and pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA). These materials typically adhere a variety of substrates together or bond components into an assembly. I materiali adesivi e di incollaggio sono componenti essenziali per ottenere prestazioni elevate praticamente in ogni settore.

Boyd Corporation is an adhesives expert with decades of experience designing custom solutions that feature adhesives and tape for quick and easy assembly. Gli ingegneri Boyd utilizzano una serie di parametri chiave per identificare il migliore sistema adesivo per la singola applicazione. The success or failure of an adhesive relies on variables such as mating substrates, polymer type, surface contact, dwell time or potential environmental exposures. Failing to consider all aspects of the application can lead to insufficient pull strength, impact resistance, inadequate temperature resistance and product lifetime.


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