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Medical Adhesive Tapes and Other Wearable Solutions

Transcript: Medical Adhesive Tapes and Other Wearable Solutions

At every stage of life, converted tapes help improve the quality of life. From neonatal to geriatric care, medical adhesive tapes protect, heal and enhance the skin, secure medical devices, adhere body monitors, and dispense nutraceuticals.

At Boyd, our team collaborates with product engineers to bring designs to life by converting raw flexible materials into usable parts and stick-to-skin wearable products.

As a 3M Preferred Converter, Boyd has access to biocompatible medical materials that are gentle to the skin, easy to remove, and vary in wear times from minutes to weeks.

The Boyd engineers source the best materials for your application and designs for manufacturing by utilizing our state-of-the-art equipment in class 100 to 100k clean rooms in three continents to laminate multi layers die cut slit and print liners

With over 90 years of experience, trust Boyd to convert your ideas into reality

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Medical Wearable Solutions | Medical Grade Skin Adhesive

Transcript: Medical Wearable Solutions

Boyd Trusted Innovation

  • Decorative Protective Layer
    • Extend wear time, differentiate your brand, and embellish wearable aesthetics
  • Housing Layer
    • Enhance breathability or waterproof to protect electrical components
  • Cushioning Layer
    • Protect delicate electronic components and improve patient comfort
  • PCBA with Backlit Switch Technology
    • Integrate flexible solutions advance functionality, connectivity, power, and brand differentiation
  • Through-Hole Printed Flex Circuit
    • Use both sides of the flex circuit to maximize design flexibility and creativity
  • Skin Contact Layer
    • Biocompatible adhesives improve wear time, patient comfort, and ease of removal
  • Conductive Hydrogel
    • Improve reliable signal conductivity for both sensing or stimulating applications
  • Delivery Liner
    • Design to maximize patient application efficiency, ease, and comfort

Medical Wearable Adhesive | 3M Preferred Converter

Transcript: Medical Wearable Adhesive


when designing your medical wearable


device there are hundreds of adhesives


and support materials to choose from so


how do you know which material best fits


your application void is your trusted


partner in selecting the best material


combinations for each medical wearable


component and your source for high


quality manufacturing and reliable


value-added assembly


as a 3M preferred converter void has


access to the highest quality medical


grade adhesives and materials that are


skin friendly conformable breathable


moisture resistant and vary in wear time


collaborating with our experts from the


start of the project assures that


materials work in harmony for Optimum


performance and cost Effectiveness


void’s rapid prototyping and Engineering


support accelerates your product design


process our Global facilities allow you


to Source manufacture and assemble


Global Demand with Regional scalability


contact void today to help with your


early stage design efforts

Vomaris Innovations | Customer Testimonial

Transcript: Vomaris Innovations | Customer Testimonial

My name is Mike Nagel, I'm the president CEO of Vomaris Innovations. We've been a Boyd customer for six-and-a-half years. Vomaris Innovations is a medical device company. We're located in Tempe, Arizona. Our flagship technology is biocompatible microcell, a battery technology. So being a unique technology and the next step that we have to take it is the technology has to be super easy to use, for the end-user. We originally went to Boyd. Being a small company, a med device company with sometimes limited resources, we wanted a company that was gonna offer us, you know, unparalleled customer service, some great accessibility, technical expertise, and really the ability to do world-class converting to our technology. With our recent design of our flexi FET device it was a very unique device and it's one size fits all for surgical incisions.

We had several designs that we originally came to Boyd with and what they were able to do on the front end is work with us and determine with us like what was gonna be the most easily manufactured product, what product we would be able to hit the easiest cost targets on, and really the recommendations for the best material for us to use to accomplish our goals. So they were invaluable during the entire process from concept to first manufacturing run.

I'd recommend Boyd for a lot of reasons but really the same things that make any relationship successful, dependability, reliability, and accessibility and the ability to work together and get us rapid designs back. The ability to grow with them in volume we don't have to worry that they don't have the capability when our product really reach another level of volume. They really have all that, all the technology we need right here with one-stop shopping.

Customer service is exceptional at Boyd. On the, anyone on my team whether it be manufacturing, finance production, anybody can get it can get a hold of a wanted Boyd, you know anytime they need or have a question. The other thing too is when we needed to come here, for maybe critical runs where we needed to physically see what would happen they could very rapidly get back to us scheduling manufacturing. So they're just again reliable, accessible, dependable that's the cornerstone of what makes Boyd so unique for us.

R&D | Prototyping | Medical

Transcript: R&D | Prototyping | Medical

I’m Lane Shaver, I’m a field Application Engineer for Boyd.

Well, Boyd has an extensive experience in material selection, engineering, R&D work. In the marketplace today, the prototyping has to be really rapid, and it requires the ability to respond quickly, and be able to make samples for the customer quickly, and so we have various ways to do that; Through laser cutting, water jetting, CNC manufacturing, we can produce samples quickly for customers to get them into production as fast as possible.

So equipment like this is able to bring numerous materials together and register them so that we get an end product that meets a very tight tolerance and at the end of the machine we take it into the cleanroom and hand assemble it into a final part that gets sterilized.

Every part we manufacture is inspected by a camera or by humans and packed: manually packed or mechanically packed depending on how the part is produced.

In the medical industry, it only takes one minor defect to be a problem and so you want to make sure everything they get is a usable product that they don’t have to worry about.

For engineering here at Boyd, we try to interact with the customers and help provide them engineering support.

I work very closely with the customers to provide an engineering process that provides them with the end product that they want and a product that we can produce cost effectively and efficiently for them.

Medical Overview

Transcript: Medical Overview

I'm Fred Knox I'm the vice president of global medical sales for Boyd, Boyd is a leading manufacturer in the disposable medical device industry, we offer converting services, precision die-cutting, medical grade adhesives and thermal management systems. Boyd offers innovative manufacturing technologies coupled with advanced material selection services we support the development of our customers products from the very beginning.

Beginning with material selection through process design and full-scale production. I'm Lane Shaver, I'm a field application engineer for Boyd. Well Boyd has an extensive experience in material selection engineering R&D work and combined with world-class suppliers like 3M and our unique manufacturing abilities we're able to provide, high quality consistent parts meeting the tightest tolerances in the industry. I work very closely with the customers to provide an engineering process that provides them with the end product that they want and a product that we can produce, cost effectively and efficiently for them. In the medical industry it only takes one minor defect to be a problem so you don't want that minor defect to make it to the operating room to make it to the hospital so you've got 100% inspected so that every part your customer gets is of the highest quality so that they don't pass on your quality issues. Working in disposable medical devices it's important that you build long-lasting relationships with customers because you're working with them every day. Building strong relationships with our customers help them come to market quicker Boyd delivers a quality product on time with unparalleled customer service.

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