Electric Vehicle Radiator Cooling Solution


A manufacturer of electric vehicles sought Boyd, in a thermal design challenge with cooling their radiator. Boyd developed a practical solution while meeting a strict cost per unit in production.


The manufacturer of the electric vehicle needed thermal expert analysis to make a reliable product in a new overall design feature. Focusing on the unit's radiator and existing folded fin structure, Boyd was tasked to simulate a baseline design and optimize fin spacing and thickness to meet the requirements of the customer. This included:

  • Fin louver structure study
  • Fin spacing and thickness optimization
  • 5 mm taller fin optimization
  • Base plate thickness study
  • Aluminum vs. Copper fin and baseplate investigations

Boyd’s lab tested the louver structures to examine the impeding airflow and increase the pressure drop across the heat sink and their thermal performance.

Boyd took these findings and created a fin optimization summary. For the aluminum and copper bases, testing showed by using copper performance increased by 5°C.

It was discovered that the overall airflow management system needed to be optimized in a way of minimizing flow turns and flow direction changes as well as flow sudden expansion and contraction.


Boyd presented the customer with a full presentation report which included: • Descriptions of the unit and component modeled • Color temperature contour and flow field vector plots • Key results • Conclusions • Recommendations for improvements

The use of the findings of the analysis provided the solution that was required by the customer and their strict requirements.


The manufacturer took the report provided to them by Boyd and selected the proper thermal management solution vs. cost. Today Boyd provides the manufacturers production needs globally.

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