Dissipatori di calore

Increasing surface contact with ambient air for more heat transfer

Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation’s represents the broadest Heat Sink offerings available today, from small stamped aluminum heat sinks for cooling discrete semiconductors at the board level to extremely large advanced fin types and unique geometries.

In addition to hundreds of standard part numbers with thousands of options, Aavid provides custom cut and machined extrusions, high heat transfer heat sink assemblies, and industry-specific heat sinks. Our advanced manufacturing methods enable us to fabricate optimized heat sinks to meet demanding application requirements.

With our expertise in wide variety of thermal management technologies, we're able to design and manufacture heat sinks with other air cooling, two phase heat transfer, or liquid solutions to produce custom, more complete thermal management solutions specifically for your system. Two phase vapor chambers and heat pipes are common technologies paired with heat sinks to augment air cooling thermal performance.

View our heat sink solutions in the section below:

Heat Sink Solutions

Dissipatori di calore estrusi in alluminio

Hundreds of standard configurations including TIMs and mounting hardware available for common semiconductor devices.

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Aluminum Extrusion Profiles

Disponibile in barra grezza, tagliata di lunghezza o progettata in base a specifiche. Hundreds of optimized profiles.

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Dissipatori di calore Max Clip

Save assembly time and costs while improving thermal performance with this system utilizing specialized clips and highly engineered aluminum extruded heat sinks.

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Dissipatori di calore con alette a cerniera (zipper fin)

Zipper Fins allow for high fin aspect ratios and more design flexibility. Le alette a cerniera sono molto economiche se utilizzate in grandi quantità.

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Dissipatori per stampati

Heat sinks designed for cooling semiconductor devices on printed circuit boards (PCBs). Includes a variety of geometries, mounting options, and attachment types.

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Dissipatori di calore ad alette sottili

Higher fin densities and fin aspect ratios typical of heat sink assemblies without the bonding interface resistance between base and fins. Available in copper and aluminum.

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Dissipatori di calore pressofusi

Casting allows for near net parts in complex geometries to reduce post-processing and interface resistance in assemblies.

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Bonded & Brazed Fin Heat Sink Assemblies

Fins are epoxied, soldered, or brazed into an extruded or cast base in order to achieve a higher fin aspect ratio and fin density, vastly improving thermal performance.

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Dissipatori di calore ad alette piegate

Folded Fins enable higher fin densities and increased heat transfer from a single stamped sheet assembled on a base. Folded fin stock is also found in Extended Liquid Cold Plates, Heat Exchangers, or available separately.

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Heat Sink Enhancement Solutions:

Sistemi combinati con dissipatore di calore e ventola

Improve heat sink performance with the addition of a fan or blower for increased airflow through fins.

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Dissipatori di calore con tubi di calore (heat pipe) per diffusione del calore

Spread high density heat loads to optimize heat sink efficiency.

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Transport Heat Pipe Assemblies

Transport heat to safer, remote dissipation regions.

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Insiemi camera di vapore (vapor chamber) per diffusione del calore

Spread high heat loads across the entire heat sink base.

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3D Vapor Chambers & Assemblies

Maximize available volume with three-dimensional vapor chambers.

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Diffusori di calore con grafite incapsulata

Spread high heat loads using high conductivity graphite for lightweight applications.

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