Camere di vapore (vapor chamber) ultra-sottili

High performance, low profile heat spreading

Camere di vapore (vapor chamber) ultra-sottili

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Ultra Thin Vapor Chambers utilize internal two-phase evaporation and condensation to passively transfer heat across the plane of a vapor chamber. Vapor chambers enable high heat transfer across its surfaces, even in high heat flux applications, without any moving components. Typically, vapor chambers can effectively conduct heat 10 to 50 times more than solid metal structures and possess higher through-plane conductivity than graphite for thicker applications.

Ultra Thin Vapor Chambers are efficient solutions for uniform heat spreading in low profile applications where height is at a premium. Aavid's manufacturing processes produce copper vapor chambers as thin as 0,4 mm, ideal for low profile applications with limited space for heat transfer or dissipation.

Aavid's Ultra Thin Vapor Chamber manufacturing process is tightly controlled which ensures negligible performance reduction over the lifetime of the product, ensuring reliable functionality. In addition, by utilizing a tubeless fill process, we further reduce volume that cannot be used for product functionality or heat transfer.