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Connecting Innovations

Evolving Innovations across Diverse Industries

The continually advancing realm of technology, shifting market dynamics, regulatory pressures, and evolving consumer preferences propel industries to innovate for heightened performance and enhanced efficiency. As technology advances and becomes more sophisticated, trends like electrification, network convergence, smart cities, and the Internet of Things (IoT) trigger transformative changes across various industries from eMobility to medical.
Technological advancements, shifting marketing dynamics, regulatory pressure and evolving consumer preferences drive innovation across various industries

Boyd Connects Innovations between Industries

Boyd plays a pivotal role in bridging innovative advancements across industries, fostering accelerated growth in each sector. By seamlessly integrating cooling, sealing, shielding, and insulation into streamlined solutions, Boyd provides essential cross-industry support and aids each industry in their unwavering quest for excellence.
Boyd bridges innovative advancements across industries to accelerate growth
Boyd's commitment to cross-industry support and innovation goes beyond meeting the ever-evolving needs of dynamic sectors such as eMobility, semiconductors, medical, cloud, and more. We actively harness our innovations in one industry to ignite progress in others, fostering a symbiotic ecosystem of growth. Our approach is centered on knowledge transfer and expertise adaptation, serving as the catalyst to enhance progress, optimize efficiency, and improve performance across the entire spectrum of these industries.
Boyd’s cross-industry support and innovation enhances performance across dynamic sectors

Learn more about the industries we serve in our Connecting Innovations 3D Tool:

Cool, Seal, Insulate, and Shield the Latest Technologies

Cutting-Edge Thermal Management Solutions

Boyd's rich legacy of innovating, designing, rigorously testing, optimizing, and fabricating dependable high-performance thermal management solutions spans diverse industries, including eMobility, cloud, medical and more. Meet the stringent requirements of high-performance chips through Boyd's advanced liquid cooling technology. By combining two-phase cooling and liquid cooling systems into pumped two-phase systems or evaporative liquid cooling, Boyd helps push the limits of Moore's law.
Boyd’s engineering expertise and testing capabilities supported by cutting-edge technology enable innovative cooling solutions
Boyd graphic warning labels

Human Machine Interfaces and Displays

With over 60 years of heritage in crafting nameplates, graphic overlays, and various types of informational, safety, and brand labeling for diverse applications, Boyd's expertise elevates your customers' experience. From switches and user interfaces to safety labeling and human-machine interface capabilities, our comprehensive HMI solutions enhance your products. Simplify component complexity by combining branding, key information communication, and electrical insulation into a single, high-quality, and reliable flame barrier solution.
Enhance customers’ experience with Boyd’s HMI and display solutions

Insulate and Shield

Boyd's insulation and shielding solutions are engineered to safeguard sensitive components and users from a spectrum of challenges, including extreme temperatures, excessive acoustic energy, uncontrolled electricity, electromagnetic interference (EMI), and radio frequency interference (RFI). Insulate against noise, vibration, and thermal challenges while maintaining exceptional environmental stability with Boyd's SOLIMIDE® foams. Our integration technologies enable us to combine engineered materials to develop multi-functional comprehensive solutions for insulation, acoustic, heat shielding, flame barriers, and safety requirements.
SOLIMIDE Insulating Foams 566x300 1
Elevate user safety, system adoption, reliability and efficiency of complex systems through Boyd’s insulating and shielding solutions

Environmental Sealing and Protection

Enhance the reliability and lifespan of your products by mitigating component wear and tear with Boyd's environmental sealing and protection solutions. Our environmental sealing solutions safeguard your products and protect against shock, noise, vibration, harshness (NVH), buzz, squeak, and rattle (BSR), as well as fluid ingress or exposure to particulates. Our deep material science expertise enables us to craft sophisticated solutions to address ingress protection, NVH mitigation, safeguard surfaces, waterproof or dustproof applications, ruggedize for durable applications, and an array of additional environmental sealing challenges.

Innovate with Boyd

With decades of invaluable experience and expertise, Boyd is at the forefront of innovation, designing, manufacturing, and fabricating cutting-edge thermal and engineered material solutions across innovative industries. Our engineering, manufacturing, and testing capabilities supported by extensive data and cutting-edge technology enable innovative solutions for specific applications, whether it is a cooling solution for ADAS systems or data centers, or HMI and display solutions for medical equipment.

We leverage our extensive material science expertise to identify the materials and components necessary to craft innovative solutions that prioritize performance, reliability, and energy efficiency. To explore the full spectrum of Boyd's thermal and engineered material solutions or to discuss your project requirements in detail, visit boydcorp.com visit our website or talk with our team consultation with our experts.

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